Witness Tree Project

Since 2009, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and the National Park Service (NPS) have worked to develop a collaborative model for teaching and learning centered on witness trees, long-standing trees that were present for key moments in American history. The Witness Tree Project arranges for fallen witness trees to be shipped from NPS sites to RISD, where, in a joint history seminar and furniture studio, students interpret the history of a given tree's site and make relevant objects from the tree’s wood. In addition to classroom and studio work, the Project variously involves field trips, guest lectures, and exhibitions of students’ objects.

The Project has been funded by awards from Rhode Island School of Design's Kyobo Fund (years 2009 and 2010) and by a portion of a Windgate Foundation Grant to RISD's Department of Furniture Design (years 2011, 2012, 2013). It is currently supported by RISD’s Office of Academic Affairs. While the course has been situated according to the home departments of its originating faculty (Dale Broholm, Furniture/Daniel Cavicchi, History, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences), it has, in terms of the students it has served and the work created, been a truly multidisciplinary learning experience, cutting across Architecture, Ceramics, Furniture, Industrial Design, Textiles, Glass, and Graphic Design, among others.



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“RISD students are so good at making objects that are both beautiful and steeped in layered meaning. This class enhances the ability of students to generate ideas and understand the important role history plays in making storied creations.” –Dale Broholm

“Witness trees have stood for a century or more, while around them battles have been waged, presidents have lived and died, and whole industries have peaked and declined. Now each of these trees serves as an axis from which students can expand the scope of their thinking outward, from specific events to more complex questions about time and place, nature and culture.” – Daniel Cavicchi

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The Witness Tree Project is a special interdisciplinary curriculum, involving a field trips, sawyering, shipment, and drying of wood, and exhibition costs, all of which requires funding beyond the capacities of Rhode Island School of Design or the National Park Service. While we have identified new potential trees from National Park Service sites, the running of a future course depends on outside support, and we are currently seeking interested donors. Contributing to this Project would be a useful way to fulfill philanthropic, educational, and public service mandates, and we would work with you to appropriately acknowledge your gift.



We are happy to answer questions and/or describe the project in more detail to interested educators, craftspeople, and journalists.


Daniel Cavicchi is Vice Provost and Professor of History, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences at Rhode Island School of Design. His scholarship includes numerous books and essays on topics in American studies, history, and music, as well as exhibits and curricula for museums and non-profit organizations.  

Email: dcavicch@risd.edu

Dale Broholm is a Senior Critic in the Department of Furniture Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. His work as a furniture designer has been featured in numerous collections and publications and he has spoken on furniture design at workshops and conferences around the world.

Email: dbroholm@risd.edu


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